Office Ergonomics Managed Services

A complete managed solution to help your office ergonomics program achieve success.

Make Sure Your Office Ergonomics Program is a Success!

Managing your ergonomics program can be time-consuming and costly. Our expert program support service removes the burden and actively ensures that the outcomes improve.

Our goal is to help your office ergonomics program achieve:

  • A reduction in lost-time productivity and reduced absenteeism
  • Efficiency and accuracy improvements
  • Reduction in workers’ compensation costs
  • Compliance with international regulations
Cardinus Ergonomics Managed Services
Healthy Working
Office Ergonomics Managed Services

Let the Experts Help You Reduce Ergonomic Risk and Improve Employee Health and Wellbeing

  • Our approach includes risk assessment software, virtual assessments, on-site intervention, triage, case management and more
  • A range of services to suite all requirements
  • Outsource all or just part of your program
  • Free up valuable internal resources
  • We help thousands of organizations comply with global ergonomics standards

Working Tirelessly to Provide the Best Customer Service

We have been synonymous with highly successful ergonomics office assessment training, individual e-learning assessment training and risk assessment services for over 20 years. No other provider can match our range of services from software through to on-site services. The same can be said about our high standards with multiple ISO certifications and a top score in customer services from the IIC.

We help thousands of customers with their global ergonomics program. We invest in our customer services so we can ensure that no matter the size of your organization, we can help.

Our Range of Services

E-Learning and Self-Assessment

Healthy Working is the world’s most widely used office ergonomics risk assessment software and is guaranteed to deliver measurable results.

Virtual Assessments

Our highly qualified ergonomics assessor team can respond to employee ergonomic risk assessment concerns over the telephone.

On-site Intervention

While the combination of software and virtual assessments resolve 90% of cases. Occasionally a case requires an on-site assessment from our qualified assessors.

Triage and Case Management

Our triage management service offers a fully-managed clinical assessment that is undertaken by a physiotherapist or physical therapist.

Self-Help Features

Healthy Working empowers employees to take ownership of office ergonomics risk assessments and mitigate risk. Feedback, communications and additional self-help modules significantly improve buy-in from employees.

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Make Your Office Ergonomics Program a Success with our Managed Service

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