Fleet Risk Services

We provide fleet risk management services to help UK organisations enhance their road safety standards.










Fleet Risk Management Services

We provide services to support those responsible for the ongoing management of fleet risk.

Complete Fleet Audits

We start with a corporate fleet audit – to first identify if there are any gaps in your current fleet risk management processes. We offer a free initial online audit, and a more in-depth audit that involves a visit from one of our expert technical fleet consultants.

Management Workshop

Our fleet management workshops are designed to train those within your organisation responsible for managing fleet risk. This workshop provides knowledge on how to keep drivers safe and on how to ensure you comply with current safety regulations.

Comprehensive Fleet Services

Managing a corporate fleet involves more than just checking driver documents — it involves complex record-keeping and policy development. With our experience, we support you in building the fleet risk management processes that ensure compliance.

Onsite Fleet Audits

Our onsite audits are designed to review the effectiveness of your current fleet risk management program and identify where action is needed in order to improve risk levels and meet the requirements of current legislation.

We have helped organisations manage fleet risk for over 20 years. Our nationwide network of fleet experts and driver instructors can assist you with all elements of fleet risk management — from completing an audit to putting in place the changes required.

Our onsite fleet audits include a full review of the running of your fleet, a comprehensive report detailing areas of improvement, recommendations on how to maximise investment in fleet management, and strategies for the future.

Driver Assessor Training

Our Driver Assessor Training has been designed for those responsible for fleet risk management. Those who complete this training will gain the knowledge required to efficiently manage fleet risk and to assess employee driving.

This course teaches delegates how to identify driver risks, how to support drivers with training, how to increase fleet risk standards and how to build internal fleet risk standards and driver knowledge.

We can deliver this 2 day course at any agreed location throughout the UK or onsite.

Post Accident Interviews

We have an expert team of road traffic accident investigation specialists who are trained to interview drivers following any accidents.

All interviews are carried out in a sympathetic manner, and take into account the trauma drivers may have faced during the accident. Not only do these interviews support drivers in recovering so they can return to work, they provide the driver and your organisation with an understanding of why an accident may have occurred.

Post accident interviews are the first step to building a driver’s confidence following an incident and can identify training requirements or business practices that need to change in order to reduce risk moving forward.

Licence & Document Checking

Confirming drivers are legally permitted to be on the road should always be the first port of call for any fleet risk management plan, but licence and document checking can be a huge drain on resources, especially for large fleets.

We provide a continual licence and document checking service that takes care of all aspects of driver legality for you, whether they operate company vehicles or their own.

If we discover anything of note during our frequent checks, such as potential high-risk drivers or expired licences, you are informed immediately, ensuring you and your drivers are always able to abide by the law.

In-Vehicle Driver Awareness Training

In-vehicle driver awareness training is universally recognised as the most effective way to reduce driver-related incidents. We can provide flexible in-vehicle driver awareness training to support your drivers and reduce fleet risk.

In-vehicle sessions highlight the ever-present dangers associated with driving, expanding awareness and encouraging a more conscientious approach to working behind the wheel. Our training sessions can be tailored to reflect your existing fleet safe driving policies.

With over 60 highly qualified driving awareness instructors stationed around the UK, we can deliver life-saving road safety training anywhere in the nation and for any vehicle.

Safe Driving Software

Combining driver assessments with targeted eLearning, we designed Healthy Working: Safer Driving as a means of delivering precisely the right training to individual drivers, reducing a broad spectrum of risk factors across entire fleets.

The in-built self-assessment tool of Healthy Working: Safer Driving can be used to identify low, medium and high-risk drivers within your fleet. The solution captures all risk assessment data and recommends the eLearning or in-vehicle training individual drivers require to reduce the potential of incidents and ensure compliance.

Healthy Working: Safer Driving includes a central management system that provides real-time insights into your drivers’ progress, allowing you to track their performance and monitor the completion of training modules. You can also set up automatic reminders and notifications to keep your drivers engaged and accountable for their training.


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