Industrial Ergonomics Solutions

We provide industrial ergonomics solutions to help organisations prevent workplace injuries before they happen.










Industrial Ergonomics Software and Technologies

Our industrial ergonomics solutions use technology and data to reduce workplace injuries and associated costs.

Make the Right Decisions

Our solutions help organisations to recognise challenges related to movement limitations and make timely interventions to enhance the wellbeing and productivity of their workforce — across all industrial environments.

Dynamic Workplace Solutions

Our solutions adapt to daily workplace needs. Scale, pivot, or customise in real time. Choose flexible durations, from 2 weeks to 3+ years — ensuring your organisational safety and operational requirements are always met.

Custom-Fit Tech Solutions

No two bodies are the same, so safety solutions shouldn’t be either. We use the world’s best camera vision, wearable sensor, and motion tracking technology to create the right solution for your organisation.

State of the art AI motion capture system

MotionTrack6 is the world’s most advanced functional analytics tool, which utilises AI for accurate movement data analysis.

It assesses workers’ performance through a series of movements, providing valuable insights into their functional capacity.

You can evaluate the physical capability of employees and gain a clear understanding of how movement limitations might affect their ability to perform job tasks or adopt specific postures at work.

Motion Capture Technology

Our Motion Capture Technology determines the mobility and stability positioning of an individual’s musculoskeletal system and the worker’s functional capacity. This means you can allocate the individual to a role that is most suited to their existing condition. Utilise this technology for:

• Pre employment functional scanning.
• Post employment baseline analysis for individual functional capability.
• Data based analysis of individual with a fit for work plan.
• Injury treatment and rehabilitation monitoring and benchmarking.
• Providing data for return to work plans and placement.

Wearable Sensor Technology

Our Wearable Sensor Technology quantifies the musculoskeletal risk of tasks in the workplace by providing video analysis and objective data. This gives you insight into the level of risk associated with each task and identifies contributing risk factors. Utilise this technology to:

  • Analyse workplace job tasks.
  • Develop data validated job descriptions.
  • Reduce movement risk
  • Record training and educational tools.
  • Coach and support return to work employees post injury.

Healthy Working Pro

Healthy Working Pro is our complete industrial ergonomics software solution, designed to significantly reduce production downtime due to employee injuries.

Our cutting-edge ergonomics software streamlines the assessment process, making it far less time-consuming. By expediting data collection and analysis, it transforms what takes hours to do manually into a swift, heavily automated event.

As a cloud-based platform, Healthy Working Pro is accessible on portable devices, allowing assessors to input data directly while evaluating industrial environments, tasks, and personnel. Our 13 pre-built assessment tools instantly transform raw data into comprehensive findings and reports.

Moreover, we offer the flexibility to create custom assessment tools tailored to your unique environmental, task, or organisational requirements, empowering you to optimise the ergonomics of your workplace effortlessly.


Industrial Ergonomics Insights

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