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Save time managing your industrial ergonomics data and assessments with our industrial ergonomics solutions Healthy Working Pro.

You’re in safe hands with Healthy Working Pro.

Injury at work costs millions of production days each year. The majority of lost days are due to musculoskeletal injuries but assessing employees and checking reports takes time.

Healthy Working Pro industrial ergonomics software can help you to reduce lost production days. Enter data on all major globally recognised ergonomics assessments and quickly create reports to streamline your industrial ergonomics program.

Industrial Ergonomics Assessment Software

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What to expect from Healthy Working Pro

Healthy Working Pro will help you to:

  • Save time capturing ergonomics data
  • Reduce the risk to non-office workers
  • Record information in a single interface
  • Generate instant reports
  • Conduct organisation-wide audits and inspections
  • Effectively implement ergonomics risk controls.

Globally recognised assessments

When you’re on-site, you want to be able to quickly capture that assessment data so you can begin the task of analysing it.  Healthy Working Pro has 15 cloud-based, globally recognised assessments, which can be used to add text, images, and complete assessments with ease.

Once you’ve inputted your findings, you can instantly report on those assessments in PDF, Word or HTML format. You’ve now got a standardised report to hand to clients, making reporting simpler across your team, making it easier to analyse assessments.

Reduce workplace injuries and associated costs


Our partner Longitude6 innovately use technologies and data to minimise manual handling injuries. Their motion capture and wearable technology,  provides analysis and reporting on a broad range or repetitive employee activities. This data helps to prevent workplace related injuries before they happen.

Cardinus is exclusively representing Longitude6 in the UK and their solutions work seamlessly with Healthy Working Pro. Download our brochure.

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