Property Risk Management Software

INDIGO is our property risk reporting and scheduling software. It enables organisations to digitally manage their entire property portfolio in one place.










Property Risk Management Software

INDIGO is a property risk management solution. It provides a secure web based portal for requesting and completing property surveys.

Manage property risks in one system

INDIGO allows you to manage every element of property risk in one place. With this software you can manage valuations, surveys, audits and risk assessments for your entire property portfolio in a single, secure system.

Connect with any other system

Use the INDIGO API to share a list of risk improvements with any other system. This streamlines the workflow for property managers, allowing them to handle risk improvements efficiently within a single platform.

Ensure Golden Thread Compliance

Digitally record and store your building’s Golden Thread information in INDIGO. Easily access fire and structural safety information about your buildings when you need it, to ensure compliance with the Building Safety Act and The Fire Safety Order.

What to expect from INDIGO

INDIGO supports every part of your property risk survey process and will help you to:

  • Reduce the costs of organising and managing surveys.
  • Access and track survey information 24/7.
  • Simplify the storage of your risk surveys and assessments.
  • Oversee the full survey ordering process.
  • Identify risk factors at a glance.
  • Automate new survey requests.
  • Schedule surveys.
  • Send automated emails when action is required.
  • Produce high quality reports in a consistent format.

Building Safety Case Reports

The responsible person for your property must submit a building safety case report, which explains how they are assessing and mitigating any risks to the building. Seamlessly gather golden thread information, create building safety case reports and evidence the safety of your buildings with INDIGO.

Property Services

As well as being an end-to-end solution for property managers – INDIGO provides users with access to our suite of survey, audit, inspection, fire risk and valuations services.

Our nationwide network of consultants carry out over 6,000 quality controlled and professional certified surveys each year – and can assist you in ensuring your property portfolio is well managed, compliant and has the documents required to meet the Building Safety Act 2022.


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