Safety Consultancy Services

We provide online and in-person safety consultancy services for all types of business.










Safety Consultancy Services

We offer a range of consultancy services to support the management of health and safety, fleet, security, ergonomics, behavioural safety, property and fire risks.

Onsite & Online

We provide both onsite and online consultancy services to ensure convenience.

Our experienced consultants will reduce complexity, enhance stakeholder engagement and identify opportunities to improve your policies and procedures.

Global Network

We have a global network of highly qualified consultants who specialise in a wide range of risk management.

The scale of our operations, along with our trusted partners, allows us to solve the far-reaching challenges our clients face.

Safety Compliance

Our approach is to understand the needs of your organisation – from how it operates to the legislations that apply.

This allows us to support you in implementing the right safety management systems and ensuring that you remain compliant.

Competent Person Service

We act as the safety competent person for a range of companies and become their ‘go to’ safety advisers. This is beneficial if you don’t have an internal representative or wish to complement your internal resource.
This service includes a ½ day visit to review your site safety arrangements, health and safety policy and documentation.

Following this we will provide you with a report and recommendations.

You’ll also receive 12 months’ support from an experienced safety adviser. Our qualified consultants have a wide range of industry experience and knowledge. They can support you by phone, email and in person.

Bespoke Health and Safety and Leadership Training

This training program empowers board members by delving into their responsibilities, highlighting key threats to the business and themselves. Each sessions will equip you with actionable strategies to navigate challenges effectively, fostering informed decision-making for resilient and sustainable governance.

Regulatory Service and Gap Analysis

Many countries around the world are updating or reviewing their regulations relating to tele, hybrid and homeworking. We can help you to understand the legal complexities of your global or regional ergonomics program and answer regulatory questions for countries you operate in.

Our real-time ergonomics regulation reports and gap analysis provide a detailed overview of the ergonomics legislation for a regulated country, which includes employer and employee responsibilities regarding home, office and hybrid working.

We support our clients with local regulatory guidance and in-country consultants. This means our services can be delivered by local  professionals with a clear understanding of the country’s health and safety legislation requirements.

Global Audit Programs

We work with our customers to audit their global operations, focusing on their logistical and compliance challenges. Our comprehensive audit tool will help you to identify local legislation breaches and provide
recommendations to address any issues. We engage local, qualified health and safety consultants in 191 different countries to utilise local expertise and provide detailed reports.

ISO45001 Safety Management System

ISO 45001 sets the baseline for occupational health and safety management standards. Our experienced consultants excel at optimising the transition to this upgraded requirement, ensuring your health and safety management systems secure ISO 45001 accreditation.

We are dedicated to assisting you in not only attaining but also maintaining legal compliance. Our expertise lies in crafting airtight documentation to reduce liabilities and establishing a resilient and highly efficient health and safety management system.

We also go the extra mile to facilitate ongoing enhancement of your practices — our goal is to guarantee the highest level of safety for your workforce while elevating your overall operational excellence.


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