Aviva Specialist Partner Providing COVID-19-Related Services

Since the start of the pandemic Cardinus has been working hard to provide new solutions, products and guidance across a variety of areas.

  • COVID-19 Hub provides advice on a huge range of subjects
  • Two new e-learning courses
  • Consultative services on returning to work
Aviva Specialist Partner
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E-learning and Consultancy Services for Homeworking and Return to Work

Cardinus Risk Management has adapted quickly to the new reality of a COVID-19 world, our pragmatic and low-cost e-learning courses address the world as it is.

With two new courses, one covering temporary home working and the other covering employees’ transition to return to work, we can provide the training and risk assessment that your team needs to provide Duty of Care and compliance in health and safety.

Cardinus’ consulting team have developed a strategy for Return to Work to help companies transition easily and support. This service provides a simple way to get the best advice and guidance to ensure that your return to work supports employees and mitigates risk.

Why choose Cardinus?

Cardinus are validated in accordance with ISO certifications for Quality & Assurance (9001), Health & Safety (45001), Environmental (14001) and Data Protection (27001).

We have helped hundreds of customers adapt to a changing world, and provide expert guidance and support to thousands more with our COVID-19 H&S Hub.

COVID-19 Health and Safety Information and Advice

Since the start of the pandemic we’ve been providing clients with information, advice, guidance, risk assessment templates and checklists on our COVID-19 Hub.

It’s all free to you and available for access at the link below.

Return to Work Consultancy

Managing safety for return to work can be complex. Our consultants have worked with many customers to build appropriate programmes to make easy and executable return to work safety programmes.

Let us help you through programme development, delivery and management.

Return to Work E-Learning

Healthy Transitional Working is our customisable, low-cost, standalone e-learning course for workers transitioning from the home workplace to the office.

Make return to work safety simple to communicate with Healthy Transitional Working.

Temporary Homeworking E-Learning

With many employees continuing to work from home in the short or long term, giving them access to relevant safety training is a priority.

For a low-cost solution that provides pragmatic and suitable advice, try home working e-learning.

The COVID-19 Health and Safety Hub

Whether you’ve got thousands of workers temporarily working from home, have to meet existing compliance requirements, are returning to the workplace, or have at-risk drivers that need training, we’re providing unique virtual and specifically-created assistance.

We offer a mix of free tools and advice and paid solutions from ourselves and our partners. Access the COVID-19 Hub here.

Some of the advice, guidance and solutions you can find:

  • Homeworking email templates
  • Strategies for returning to work
  • The Healthy Working stretching app
  • COSHH Assessment for COVID-19
  • Over 30 articles of advice and guidance on COVID-19 related topics
COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Health and Safety Hub

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