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Security and Personal Safety eLearning Courses

Our security and personal safety eLearning courses provide a holistic approach to employee and organisational protection.

Risk Avoidance

Our eLearning courses provide employees working overseas with the knowledge and techniques required to be more aware of their surroundings and avoid risky situations.

Scalable Solutions

With our security eLearning courses, you can reach, educate and train your staff no matter where they work. Our scalable eLearning solutions allow you to reach your entire organisation at minimum cost.

Tailored Training

We can deliver up-to-date security and personal safety training via our eLearning courses or virtual one-to-one or group sessions. All courses can be tailored according to risk profile and employee role.

Corporate Travel Risk

This eLearning course teaches employees how to stay safe when travelling for business domestically or internationally. This course is well suited to large organisations with dispersed workforces. As this service is delivered online, it can be shared with hundreds, or thousands, of employees in just a few clicks.

By completing this course, employees will develop heightened travel risk awareness and will learn how to identify and manage hazards associated with domestic and international travel.

Highly flexible, this course can be tailored to meet the requirements of your organisation and trainees, ensuring the content is relevant to an employee’s responsibilities, journey types and travel destinations.

Personal Safety Awareness

Our Personal Safety Awareness eLearning course is designed to help employees stay safe when carrying out their duties by equipping them with the ability to perform pre-departure and post-arrival risk assessments, for any location.

Designed with customisable elements, this course caters to a diverse range of industries, and as an online course, organisations – regardless of size or geographical dispersion – can easily deploy this course to educate employees on personal safety protocols.

Enriched with interactive features, this course goes beyond traditional lectures, encouraging active participation and ensuring that learners not only understand but retain crucial safety principles and protocols. This helps to foster an organisation-wide culture of responsibility and vigilance, reducing incidents and their associated costs — both human and financial.

Lone Working

Our Lone Working eLearning course is designed to minimise and mitigate the various risks associated with working alone. Modules targeting specific lone worker scenarios deliver highly relevant training and advice that equips employees with the knowledge they need to carry out their duties safely on their own.

As an entirely online course, remote and isolated lone workers can access vital information and resources in this program from anywhere, empowering them to make informed decisions and prioritise safety.

With space for adding custom content throughout the course, this program not only educates lone workers on best practices but also ensures that they are well-versed in an organisation’s safety protocols, contributing towards duty of care compliance.

Bribery & Corruption Awareness

Our CPD-accredited Anti-Bribery & Corruption eLearning course is designed to equip employees with a comprehensive understanding of the Bribery Act and how it pertains to their role within your organisation.

Going beyond the basics, this course serves as a vital resource for fostering a culture of integrity and compliance within any organisation, encouraging vigilance in surveying for and managing corruption.

Working through this programme, employees are not only made aware of relevant legal frameworks but are also empowered to make ethical decisions at work, ultimately safeguarding their careers and the reputation of your organisation.

Data Protection Awareness

This comprehensive data protection course provides employees with a clear understanding of the Data Protection Act and GDPR, ensuring they grasp the implications and responsibilities associated with handling company or external data.

Delivered online, our Data Protection Awareness course makes wide-scale sensitive information training a straightforward and efficient process, reducing the risk of data breaches and compliance issues.

Essential Cyber Security

Delivered in partnership with renowned cyber security firm, Tridena, our Essential Cyber Security eLearning course is a vital resource for building awareness around cyber security risks among your staff.

The prominence of homeworking in a post-COVID world has opened up new avenues by which cyber criminals can act, but our Essential Cyber Security course teaches vulnerable remote workers to be vigilant and navigate cyber threats with confidence.

Throughout this course, employees learn how to identify cyber threats, what to do in the event of a cyber-attack, and how to conduct day-to-day business in a manner that protects organisation and personal data both on and off-site.

Fraud Prevention Essentials

Our Fraud Prevention Essentials eLearning course is a fast and effective way to raise fraud awareness and inform employees of their responsibilities should a case of fraud arise within your organisation.

The online format of this training enables businesses to deliver essential security information and internal policies at scale across widely distributed workforces.

Additionally, the interactive nature of Fraud Prevention Essentials fosters a deeper understanding of fraud detection, equipping employees with the skills needed to identify and report potential fraud incidents promptly and safeguard your organisation.

Business Continuity Management

When an unforeseen negative event impacts your organisation, it doesn’t just affect the stability of the business, but the stability of those on your payroll, all of whom rely on the business to provide financial security.

Our Business Continuity Management eLearning course increases awareness of business continuity risks and guides you through the creation and implementation of BCM strategies — ensuring your business can weather whatever trials and tribulations await you in the future.

With modules covering BCM lifecycles, incident management, recovery planning, and industry best practices, this course teaches business owners how to protect their people, premises, products and services to the best of their ability in the wake of sudden and unavoidable loss.


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