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Our interactive DSE eLearning courses are suitable for all working environments. They save you time and ensure your organisation remains compliant with the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992.










DSE eLearning Courses

Our DSE eLearning courses provide a holistic approach to improving the musculoskeletal health and wellbeing of employees.

Customisable Courses

Our library of CPD accredited DSE eLearning courses is used by over 2,000 organisations worldwide. All of our interactive courses are fully customisable and available in multiple languages.

Hybrid Working Compatible

Whether you’ve embraced the hybrid model, remain an entirely onsite operation, or are currently working through a transitional phase, our eLearning courses will ensure your teams follow DSE best practices.

Multi-Course Functionality

With Cardinus’ multi-course functionality, you can deliver and manage all health, safety, DSE and risk compliance eLearning courses from a centralised hub – simplifying admin and minimising costs.

DSE Assessor Course

Our DSE Assessor eLearning program is designed to support organisations in training DSE assessors to deliver first-line interventions that keep your workforce healthy and productive.

On this interactive DSE assessor eLearning course, delegates will learn to think laterally to resolve employee DSE difficulties. Throughout the course, delegates will learn about the impact of ergonomics in the workplace, how to evaluate workstation hazards and how to prepare and carry out DSE assessments.

This course can be delivered anywhere and in a variety of languages, simplifying the roll-out and training process, even for businesses with complex or global working models.

Help with Temporary Homeworking

With the professional landscape permanently remapped by the global pandemic, more workers than ever are carrying out their duties from the comfort of their own homes, but ‘comfort’ isn’t necessarily synonymous with safety.

Our temporary home working eLearning course has helped thousands of employees address the health and safety risks of working from home. This course is practical and supports employees in managing their own risk and creating a comfortable and safe workspace.

This course can be delivered via an automated email and includes management tools for easy administration. In addition – we also provide a home working risk assessment specifically for delegates of this course.

Laboratory Ergonomics

Developed by ergonomics experts in collaboration with laboratory professionals, our laboratory eLearning course introduces delegates to the often hidden ergonomic factors at play in a laboratory setting.

The course follows a modular format, allowing you to customise the content and assessments to suit individual employees and their specific workstations or circumstances.

This way, our lab-focused eLearning course provides employees with the awareness and skills required to self-assess and resolve ergonomic issues as soon as they arise, whether they are related to equipment or procedures.


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