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Our eLearning courses support organisations to create a culture of safety by ensuring employees are aware of important health and safety procedures.










Health & Safety eLearning Courses

Our Health and Safety eLearning courses provide a holistic approach to employee and organisational safety.

Customisable Courses

Our health and safety eLearning courses are fully customisable.

They can be tailored to the safety requirements of your industry, your employees and different work environments.

Effortless Management

With our PACE management system you can efficiently deploy, monitor and manage all our eLearning courses.

This ensures employees are engaging and keeping up to date with their training programmes.

Ensure Complete Compliance

Gain compliance with our library of health and safety eLearning courses.

Our customisable and accredited training courses ensure you remain compliant with the safety laws and regulations in your industry.

Asbestos Awareness

There is still an abundance of asbestos in buildings all around the UK, and thousands of professionals face exposure risks daily, often without a full understanding of the dangers.

Our Asbestos Awareness eLearning course teaches delegates about the health risks posed by asbestos, how to identify it, what to avoid, and how to stay safe when working in environments where it may be present.

This training is most relevant to tradespeople and construction workers, as they’re the most likely to be in close proximity to asbestos on a regular basis. However, anyone who spends time in or around industrial or residential buildings refurbished before 2000 will benefit from this eLearning course.

Effective Risk Management

A comprehensive risk management strategy should be at the forefront of any sustainable business plan. Still, even those who know the ins and outs of their organisation may not have a complete understanding of operational hazards.

If you feel this applies to you or your employees, our Effective Risk Management eLearning course is the best way to build organisation-wide risk awareness. Modules on the importance of risk awareness and taking a methodical approach to hazard identification and minimisation help to nurture a culture of safety within your workforce, reducing work-related injuries and boosting productivity.

Environmental Essentials

It’s more crucial than ever before to place environmental issues at the heart of business operations. Our Environmental Essentials eLearning course provides a streamlined way to inform employees of these shifts in policy and helps to spread awareness of environmental issues throughout your workforce efficiently.

The customisable modules of our environmental eLearning course instil in employees the importance of aligning their performance with the eco-forward aspirations of your organisation, creating an environmentally responsible corporate culture.

Fire Marshal

Our Fire Marshal eLearning course is an ever-evolving resource for complimenting and expanding fire marshal training in offices, residential developments, and other settings to suit current fire safety regulations.

This CPD-accredited eLearning course delivers efficient, measurable fire risk assessment training that can be rolled out to as many participants as needed without the costs associated with traditional training methods.

Fire Safety

Our Fire Safety eLearning course focuses on the essential basics of fire safety that everyone should know, especially in high-risk work environments.

Trainees will work through a sequence of vital modules covering fire prevention, emergency protocols, fighting fires safely, and the appropriate equipment to use in various fire-related emergency scenarios.

Delivered entirely online, our fire safety training can be rolled out to entire workforces instantaneously, while the linked course management system enables hassle-free monitoring of course take-up and trainee progress.

Food Safety Matters

Not just for restaurants – Our Food Safety Matters e-learning course provides managers of any kitchen environment with the information they need to ensure food is sourced, stored, and prepared safely onsite.

Substandard food management can be incredibly damaging to reputation and operations, but Food Safety Matters ensures trainees are equipped to prevent food-related customer and staff illness and protect the business from potential prosecution.

This course includes modules covering regulations and standards, food poisoning and prevention, allergens and pests, and personal hygiene and food handling — everything managers need to establish and maintain safer kitchens and dining areas.

Health & Safety Essentials

Our Health & Safety Essentials course is about building an appreciation for health and safety best practices in the workplace.

The pace and interactivity of this course make it perfect for introducing core health safety concepts to multiple employees in an accessible and memorable way. Your employees will immediately be able to put what they have learned into practice and form a strong health and safety culture within your organisation.

Health & Safety Induction

This Health & Safety Induction eLearning course is designed specifically for new starters. It covers all the basics employees need to work safely and responsibly, minimising the risk of injuries or illnesses.

This customisable eLearning course ensures new employees have the knowledge they require to carry out their duties without harming themselves or others and includes historical training records so you can demonstrate that training has been provided and understood.

As well as being suitable for new starters, this course can also be used to ‘refresh’ current employees.

Manual Handling

Roles that involve lifting encompass a very specific set of additional health and safety risks. Our Manual Handling eLearning course teaches employees in these roles how to work in a physically sustainable manner.

Throughout this course, employees will learn about health and safety best practices for manual handling, how to identify and mitigate hazards, and how to carry out their daily duties without putting themselves or their co-workers at risk.

Coupled with a risk assessment tool, our Manual Handling course can also help you identify high-risk employees who may need additional support or training to minimise hazards associated with their positions within your organisation.

Manual Handling for Homeworkers

From assembling a home office space to loading and unloading vehicles, home workers can face many of the same manual handling risk factors as onsite counterparts. However, unlike your onsite employees, it can be hard to reach homeworkers with appropriate health and safety training.

Our IIRSM-approved Manual Handling for Homeworkers eLearning course combats this impracticality of remote working by delivering essential training directly to your employees.

The course recontextualises manual handling essentials to suit home settings, helping to minimise the risk of injuries from lifting.

Safety for Line Managers

Line managers need to take appropriate steps to make sure employees in their line are working safely and that hazards in the workspace are kept to a minimum. It’s a big responsibility, but our Safety for Line Managers eLearning course can prepare key personnel for the challenges they may face.

On this eLearning course, managers will learn how to implement, promote, and enforce health and safety best practices, becoming powerful advocates in the drive to establish a safety culture within your organisation.

The skills acquired throughout our specialist modules permit line managers to set the safety agenda in their respective departments with confidence, reducing risk factors and protecting the productivity of your greater workforce.

Slips, Trips & Falls

As the most prevalent cause of workplace accidents, slip, trip, and fall risks should be addressed as a discrete category of hazards in any health and safety program.

Our Slips, Trips & Falls eLearning course allows you to do just that. This short but impactful sequence of modules encourages workers to be more aware of their surroundings, communicating the importance of clear, clean spaces in reducing slip, trip or fall incidents in the workplace and beyond.


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