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Our wellbeing eLearning courses provide a holistic approach to supporting the mental and physical wellbeing of employees.










Wellbeing eLearning Courses

Our library of mental health, personal wellbeing and business continuity eLearning courses are designed to support and empower employees so they can be as productive as possible.

Wellbeing Support

Our wellbeing eLearning courses are designed to equip employees with the tools they need to live healthier and happier lives – in and outside of the workplace.

Mental Health Tools

Our Mental Health Awareness course is designed to help employees discover how to support themselves, and others. It covers a variety of topics from stress and depression, to how to identify mental health risks and triggers.

Improve Culture

Building knowledge of mental health within your organisation not only improves employee wellbeing but creates a culture that is more resilient and better equipped to deal with workplace stresses.

Self Care Plus

Self Care Plus is an eLearning course centred on the prevention and alleviation of physical strains developed during the working week, whether they be caused by excess sitting, repetitive movements, or any other ergonomic risk factor.

Combining text-based and high-quality video tutorials on essential deep tissue and self massage techniques, Self Care Plus teaches people how to take care of at-risk areas of their anatomy, including the hands, arms, torso and back.

The techniques studied on this course are proven to maintain mobility, improve flexibility, reduce physical and mental stress, improve posture, and prevent injury — leading to a healthier, more productive workforce.

Personal Wellbeing

Our Personal Wellbeing eLearning course provides employees with valuable insights to assist in cultivating and sustaining their overall wellness. Delegates will learn about self care routines and stress management strategies, while also receiving customised advice relevant to their specific work settings.

This online course looks beyond the scope of the workplace, delivering life lessons on topics such as healthy sleeping habits, nutrition, mindfulness and community — so that when employees clock in, they’re ready to deliver their best work.

This course is suitable for those working from home, in office settings, and those with flexible work arrangements.

Mental Health Awareness

Mental health issues are often misunderstood — and it can be difficult to support those who may be struggling without the right resources. Our Mental Health eLearning course is designed to build awareness and provide employees with the tools they need to support themselves and others.

This eLearning course covers a variety of topics including stress, depression, culture, crisis and how to identify triggers. This course can be rolled out to large organisations quickly – and is a cost-effective way of building a supportive culture.


Wellbeing Insights

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