Fleet Risk eLearning

Our interactive fleet eLearning videos help organisations to create a safer driving environment for their drivers.










Fleet eLearning Courses

Cost-effective online fleet risk resolutions to improve the skills and safety of drivers, reduce incident rates and save valuable company resources.

Improved Compliance and Safety

Ensure all fleet personnel receive consistent and standardised training, which promotes compliance with safety regulations and industry standards.

Interactive Learning

Utilise our micro-learning videos to ensure training on road safety topics is engaging and enjoyable for drivers.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Access our micro-learning videos through our Healthy Working: Safer Driving eLearning course, Healthy Working or as a stand-alone service.

Fleet Micro-Learning Videos

Our suite of safe driving micro-learning videos introduces drivers to essential facets of road safety and teaches the skills required to meet these standards when working as part of your fleet.

The micro-learning videos provide bite sized learning on the following topics:

• Driver distractions
• Driver attitudes
• Speeding
• Fatigue and drowsy driving
• Driving on rural roads
• Smart motorways
• Hazard recognition
• Tailgating
• Winter driving

Healthy Working: Safer Driving

Healthy Working: Safer Driving is our comprehensive driver training software designed for interactive and adaptable learning experiences. Featuring a spectrum of driver risk assessments, Healthy Working: Safer Driving highlights your low, medium and high-risk drivers and pinpoints the areas in which individuals require more training.

This enables fleet managers to use the eLearning resources provided to curate bespoke training programs for each driver in their fleet. Typically resource-heavy tasks such as course dissemination, risk assessment recording, and progress tracking are made simple by a central management system, minimising the administrative disruption associated with other forms of training.

Healthy Working: Safer Driving empowers you to fulfil your responsibility for the wellbeing of your business, fleet and the broader community of road users, all while maintaining a fiscally responsible approach.


Fleet Risk Insights


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