With the current good weather, many people will be thinking of getting away for the break. We’ll see a surge in the number of caravans on the road and inevitably a surge also in the number of those at the roadside with problems, or worse still, involved in crashes. Will you be ready for that if you drive near a caravan or any other trailer? Or will you be involved in another driver’s problem?

For most drivers, tyres need changing when the tread wears down, whether that is every few months or few years. A tyre’s resilience is reduced as extremes of temperature harden the tyre’s compounds. Many caravans might cover less than 1000 miles a year and having stood on one portion of the tyre for say 6 months, the first trip will result in a failure and could cause the trailer to lose control.

If the sidewalls of your caravan tyres look like this you need to get them changed urgently as failure is highly likely with age-hardened rubber such as this. Replace them urgently. If in doubt seek professional advice.

If you own or use a trailer (or any other vehicle) that gets little use, take a look at your tyres now. A few minutes and a hundred pounds can make all the difference. If in doubt, get the tyres professionally checked. Aside from fines and points on licences, what might be the result of a serious collision?

When you are driving near a caravan or trailer, have you ever considered the consequences of a possible tyre failure on that trailer? Most caravanners are very responsible and look after them very well, but not all fully understand what the risks are.

At Cardinus we understand the nature of risks on the road. A failure on someone else’s part whether it is a vehicle, tyre or driver failure can have serious consequences. Wherever you drive, plan to allow for things to go wrong. If and when they do, you’ll be glad you allowed for it.

Would you like to know how Cardinus can help your drivers to stay safe by increasing their knowledge? Please contact Cardinus on 01733 426016 or email info@cardinus.com.

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