Managing the risks that contractors create as a consequence of their activities is an important aspect of a health and safety management system.

When you identify work that a contractor is to undertake ensure that they fully understand the risks involved and that this essential information is communicated to them clearly and concisely.

The contractor must be competent to undertake the work. You may wish to ask them to complete a questionnaire that covers the following topics:

  • Do they have the right insurance documents in place?
  • Can they provide risk assessments and method statements (RAMS), specific to the work required?
  • How do they maintain their competency?
  • Can they supply a copy of their health and safety policy?
  • What is their recent health and safety performance like?
  • Have they been issued with any enforcement notices by the appropriate authorities?

Additionally, you may wish to inspect the work that the contractor is undertaking, to ensure that they are following their RAMS.

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