Imagine the reaction at your organisation if you implemented a health and safety initiative that improved employee productivity by 20 minutes per day.

See it for yourself with AltMOUSE, the clever new tool just launched in the UK by Cardinus. AltMOUSE will do two things: it will reduce discomfort but cutting mouse use by 50 per cent and it will increase employee efficiency by 20 minutes per day.

The average office-based employee spends 60 per cent of their day at a computer using a mouse, so there are huge comfort and efficiency gains to be made.

How does AltMOUSE work?

AltMOUSE creates a personal learning list of the most beneficial equivalent keyboard shortcuts by learning the tasks you carry out most often using a mouse. Your learning list adapts to the application you’re using. If you try to use the mouse for any of your top shortcuts, AltMOUSE prompts you with visual reminders of the keyboard shortcut. AltMOUSE ignores shortcuts for tasks carried out less frequently, providing you with focused, on demand training as you work.

AltMOUSE provides weekly feedback on the shortcuts you’re using well and the ones you should concentrate on over the next seven days. Keyboard shortcuts are 30 per cent faster than using a mouse, so AltMOUSE tells you how much time you saved by switching and where further savings can be made.

AltMOUSE adjusts your personal learning list every seven days based on the previous week’s activity. As you adopt your most beneficial shortcuts, others rise up your learning list to help you achieve continual health and productivity improvement.

Trial AltMOUSE with your employees, for free

AltMOUSE is available to trial free of charge for a month with a small test group of your employees. To take advantage of this offer please call 0207 469 0100, email us at [email protected] or click here.

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