Everyone at Cardinus is excited to announce the release of our third specialist ergonomics magazine, Connect. Bringing together contributions from renowned ergonomics experts, Connect is filled with useful and informative articles and is available to request here free of charge.

The world of ergonomics is very diverse and this issue of Connect reflects this. In this magazine we consider how all ages are affected by ergonomics. From how to make sure our children’s backs are protected at school, to the changing demands of 20-40-year-olds in a working environment. At the other end of the scale, we look at the effects of an ageing workforce on the performance of your business.

As more and more people are travelling with work we offer ergonomics advice for workers on the move so they can stay comfortable at all times. We also have expert-written articles on pregnancy, smart working, the latest trend in sit/stand furniture, stress (or employee well-being) and much more.

We believe it’s a fantastic read and we’re sure you’ll feel the same. Another great piece of news about the Cardinus Connect magazine is that it is available free of charge. Request your free copy here or email [email protected].

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