Hey. We’ve got a new website!

We’ve been working hard to deliver what our American customers are looking for: a shiny, new portal from which to contact and enquire about the incredible efficiency-enhancing, productivity-improving, injury-reducing and cost-saving tools, services and software we have available.

It’s also an opportunity for ergonomics and health and safety professionals to read, learn and discuss the very latest in their industry as we’ll be posting from our large library of illuminating literature. This, of course, includes content from our risk management magazines, research papers, white papers, specialist packs and other content that we’ve created from our team of in-house ergonomics experts. Not only that, but there’ll also be plenty of other content from partners, industry experts, writers and content providers on topics as far apart and wide-ranging as international ISOs and post-screening MSDs.

If you’ve been using our UK website up until now, then you can simply click the link next to the UK flag button in the top right hand corner to head straight to our US website. Or, click this link here.

It’s all for you good people, so click the link and enjoy!

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