Lone Working | Training and Risk Management

Train vulnerable, remote and lone working staff to manage their risk, deescalate conflict and understand business policies. We can also deliver risk management for organisations to look after lone workers.

Training to Keep Staff Safe When Working Alone

Lone workers are a particularly vulnerable group. Training and risk management will enable organisations to empower lone workers to assess risk and make better choices for their safety, while giving organisations robust procedures to manage that risk.

Why should you use our lone working service?

  • Provide vulnerable employees with the support they need to feel safe
  • Design policies and procedures to fit your workforce
  • Ensure compliance with duty of care legislation
  • Deliver the training staff need to feel confident in their workplace
Lone Working Training
Lone Working Training

How We Can Help Lone Workers

  • Learn to assess and mitigate personal risk
  • Enable staff to manage potentially volatile situations
  • Service can include consultancy and policy and procedure development
  • Crafted to reflect client requirements

More Than Training

As well as successfully enabling staff to manage potentially hostile encounters, the techniques and skills learnt through our lone working training programmes can bring benefits not only in the workplace but in all aspects of an employee’s life, improving wellbeing and mental health.

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