State of the art AI motion capture system

MotionTrack6 provides accurate, objective and scalable functional assessments.

Prevent workplace injuries before they happen.

MotionTrack6 is the world’s most advanced functional analytics tool, which utilises AI for accurate movement data analysis.

The Motiontrack6 app is accessible on Apple or Android mobile devices. It assesses workers’ performance through a series of movements, providing valuable insights into their functional capacity.

You can evaluate the physical capability of employees and gain a clear understanding of how movement limitations might affect their ability to perform job tasks or adopt specific postures at work.

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Streamlined scoring with colour-coded alerts

Our scoring system relies on validated anthropometric data, offering a simplified color-coded categorisation of test results. This ensures that users, even those untrained in health or movement assessment, can easily comprehend and address key alerts and risks.


What to expect from MotionTrack6

MotionTrack6 will provide you with the data you need to:

  • Assess the functional ability of an employee.
  • Predict an employee’s susceptibility to potential workplace injuries.
  • Tailored work activities to an employee’s functional abilities.
  • Triage capability to identify employees that require additional attention.

Make timely interventions

Employee data serves as a valuable tool for identifying specific areas of improvement in employee health, safety, and job performance. By pinpointing potential challenges related to movement limitations, you can implement timely interventions to enhance overall wellbeing and productivity.

This proactive approach allows for targeted strategies to address employee needs, fostering a healthier and more conducive work environment.

Our partnership with Longitude6

Cardinus partners with Longitude6 to provide the world’s best safety analysis and tech solutions. We are exclusively representing Longitude6 in the UK and USA.

Longitude6 innovately use technologies and data to prevent workplace injuries before they happen. They find the best camera vision, wearable sensor and motion tracking technology in the world and create the right blend to suit your needs.

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