Drink, Drugs and Driving

Drivers often like to think that small quantities of drink and drugs won’t make any impact to their driving. And sometimes we even forget that we’ve taken them. So what advice should you be [...]

Understanding Risk: I Blame My Cats…

Can we really blame our cats for taking too many risks? Paul Crossland investigates. Health and safety is often incorrectly used as a convenient excuse to stop what are essentially sensible [...]

Developing Strategies for Lone Workers

Lone workers often operate in a quasi-workplace, overseen by regulations and company policy, but appear ungoverned and ungovernable in any practical way. So – how do we support lone workers [...]

Take the Cardinus Challenge at SHE 2019

Cardinus will be challenging attendees of the Safety and Health Expo to see how quickly they can identify the safety risks. At our on-stand reaction time game, delegates will have to be quick on [...]