Risk Engineering Service from Industry Experts

Our risk engineering service matches independent expertise with our project management software to give you a full, 360 degree assessment. Helping you identify, assess and improve the outcomes of large scale and complex risks.

Manage Large Scale Risks

Risk Engineering

Our risk engineering service helps clients achieve a better understanding of the industrial projects with which they are involved. Our independent, industry experienced approach assists production facilities to achieve significant improvements in both risk quality and performance, with the aim of reducing the potential for loss. Improvement suggestions we provide will take account of the financial and engineering constraints that affect the business and site being assessed.

Risk Engineering

Improvement with everyones buy-in

  • Survey evaluation and assessment
  • Valuation support for insurance and financial purposes
  • Risk evaluation, assessment and improvement analysis
  • Incident investigation
  • Hazard analysis and control

Improve vital protection and prevention standards

Our experienced risk engineering team is here to help improve vital protection and prevention standards. With practical industry experience they can relate to production staff and ensure all parties know that our role is to assist and not criticise current practice. Location staff are encouraged to become involved in a joint review effort during evaluation. Any improvement proposals we make to location management are prioritised and can also be subject to financial evaluation.

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