Travelers passionately believes in the importance of risk management so we have partnered with Cardinus, a leading provider of online elearning solutions, to bring you a range of courses to support your company.


Cardinus have been providing online, health, safety , compliance and wellbeing solutions for 25 years and work with some of the world’s largest companies as well as public sector entities.

As a Travelers policyholder you automatically have access to a number of free annual licences based on your annual premium.

  • £1000 to £2500 = 10 free licences
  • £2501 to £5000 = 20 free licences
  • £5001 to £7500 = 30 free licences
  • £7501 to £10000 = 40 free licences
  • £10001 and over = 50 free licences

In addition Travelers has negotiated a 30% discount off of the Cardinus standard licence price for any additional courses you want to purchase. To register for your free courses complete the form below and a Cardinus representative will be in contact to set you up, train you on the system and discuss any additional licences you may wish to purchase.

For any Travelers policyholders where the requirement is for more than 100 users or if any customisation is required to the standard courses please contact us at [email protected] as we will provide a separate quotation.

Please note that should you no longer be a Travelers policyholder you will  lose access to the free licences and the Travelers discount for any additional paid licences. Cardinus will offer you a full price alternative should you wish to wish to continue to use the e learning courses.

Download our brochure to find our more about each course.

For access to the demo version of Cardinus’ course library, Click here.

    You have 0 licenses available
    Number of free annual licences required Number of additional annual licences required Cost of additional licences @ £3.50 per licence per annum*
    Asbestos Awareness £0.00
    Bribery and Corruption Awareness £0.00
    Business Continuity Management £0.00
    Corporate Travel Risk £0.00
    COSHH Awareness £0.00
    Data Protection Awareness £0.00
    DSE Assessor £0.00
    Healthy Working (DSE Training/Assessment) £0.00
    Healthy Working Plus (DSE Training/Assessment) £0.00
    Effective Risk Assessment £0.00
    Environmental Essentials £0.00
    Essential Cyber-Security £0.00
    Fire Marshal £0.00
    Fire Safety £0.00
    Food Safety Matters £0.00
    Fraud Prevention Essentials £0.00
    Health and Safety Essentials £0.00
    Health and Safety Induction £0.00
    Healthy Transitional Working £0.00
    Help with Temporary Homeworking £0.00
    Lab Ergonomics £0.00
    Lone Working £0.00
    Manual Handling £0.00
    Manual Handling for Homeworkers £0.00
    Manual Handling for the Office £0.00
    Materials Handling £0.00
    Materials Handling for the Office £0.00
    Mental Health Awareness £0.00
    Personal Safety Awareness £0.00
    Personal Wellbeing £0.00
    Safe Driving £0.00
    Safety for Line Managers £0.00
    Security Awareness £0.00
    Self Care Plus £0.00
    Slips, Trips and Falls £0.00
    Total number of licenses 0 0 £0.00

    * Cardinus standard price is £5 per annum to include licence, hosting and IT support. Travelers discount 30%

    Use of your data
    Travelers and Cardinus will only use the data submitted in this request for the purpose to set you up on our secure e-learning platform.

    Once you have registered for your courses Cardinus will be solely responsible for the data privacy and security in respect of the e-learning solutions. Cardinus is certified under the ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials in respect of data security.

    For details of Cardinus terms and conditions, click here.

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