Cost-effective telephonic intervention.

Introducing our Virtual Comfort Helpline.

Qualified ergonomists and physiotherapists to support staff discomfort.

The Challenge

There are many challenges of temporary homeworking, and now after the initial set-up and readjustment period, some of the discomfort and pain of working from kitchen or dining room tables, on couches and from armchairs, will begin to set in.

At this time home assessments may be impractical. Without a “proper” working setup regular assessments will uncover significant risk that, for a temporary period, you may not be able to address.

Furthermore, you can’t reach staff physically and it may be difficult to help them without a full knowledge of their surroundings and what guidance is appropriate.

How We Can Help

Our ergonomists and physiotherapists will look to address the real situation at hand and will help your staff to lessen discomfort and reduce pain.

With telephonic interventions, our qualified team can understand the details at hand and help your colleagues by showing them how to work safely with the equipment they have at hand, and in their own surroundings.

Following this guidance and advice will be provided in follow-up documents, so that they can continue to learn how to reduce their discomfort in this temporary period of home working.

The Details

This telephonic intervention will be provided by UK-based, qualified ergonomists and physiotherapists. Coaching sessions will last around 20 minutes and follow-up documents will also be provided.

We’re launching this at £50 per session. While Charity and NHS organisations can provide this helpline to staff at a lower cost of £40 per session.

Why Choose Cardinus?

In response to the global COVID-19 crisis, we’ve been working hard to provide customers with solutions that really matter to them. We’ve listened to our customers and have created a health and safety hub full of advice, guidance and solutions for those meeting the challenge of home working.

These solutions include free tools such as our HealthyWorking app, now updated to include advice for home working, guidance on health, safety and wellbeing, the Champion Health Coronavirus Advice Tool and much more. 


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