Every incident involving your company drivers, however minor, is an opportunity to learn. Hopefully the drivers will learn from it and the company too can gain an insight.

The ability to look into a collision is a specialist skill. Cutting through the non-relevant information and picking out the important details around what happened, why it happened, and how it could have either been avoided or minimised, takes professional expertise.

Not everyone has that expertise in-house and it can be difficult to analyse objectively when it comes to dealing with colleagues and co-workers. Even when a collision is primarily the fault of another driver, there are often actions that could have been taken to avoid it.

Experienced professional drivers see possible collisions developing every day as they drive, and by taking small, simple actions they avoid involvement together. Cardinus can help all drivers learn to develop that ‘avoid it’ mentality.

Cardinus offers post-accident telephone interviews with the driver concerned, carried out by its highly trained interviewers. If these are conducted very soon after the incident facts are still fresh in the driver’s mind. Prompt, effective interventions can be used to help drivers to think for themselves and understand what they can do differently in the future.

Email us at info@cardinus.com or call us on 0207 469 0200 if you have any queries regarding post-accident interviews or fleet risk management in general.

Click Here to use our free online fleet audit to review the risk management processes you employ to keep your fleet safe. On completion of the short questionnaire we’ll provide you with a prioritised risk report highlighting any areas that require attention and where possible what to do next.

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