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Introduction to Healthy Working
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Your Monitor, Aims | Healthy Working
Keyboard and Mouse, Aims | Healthy Working
Avoiding Discomfort, Aims | Healthy Working
Avoiding Discomfort | Cardinus Risk Management
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Sitting Comfortably | Healthy Working
My Healthy Working Plan

Healthy Working helps to ensure that your small or medium sized business complies with the DSE regulations. It is proven to reduce administrative time and cost for business owners and office managers, while helping to improve employee productivity and minimising injuries in the workplace. The risk assessment and action plan help to easily identify preventative actions and ensures that management can quickly implement solutions.

Healthy Working delivers e-learning training tailored to the needs of each individual employee through a number of variants including desktop PC users, laptop users, tablet users and much more.

Your employee communications will be set up and automated from the start, so that you don’t have to worry about its roll out. This is perfect for small businesses who don’t have the time to run and administer their system.

And while some users will be able to resolve their own risk wherever they can, some will not. Healthy Working helps to identify those with more serious risks so that you can put in place appropriate interventions.

Healthy Working is perfect for small agencies and service-based businesses, professional services, administrative services, information and communication services, construction and manufacturing.

Healthy Working has been developed with the Health and Safety Laboratory, one of the world’s leading providers of health and safety solutions to industry, government and professional bodies.

Key Features of Healthy Working:

  • Compliance with DSE regulations
  • Automated roll-out
  • Easy set-up and access
  • With management system
  • Include multiple safety courses
  • Training tailored to user needs
  • Includes risk assessment and action plans


The Healthy Working course delivers training tailored to the needs of each individual employee depending on their requirements, making it easy to administer for office managers, HR and business owners.

Here’s the modules inside the course:

Mandatory Modules

Introduction to Ergonomics

In this module users are introduced to the concept of ergonomics, the risks from technology that we use everyday and the ergonomics risks of the workplace.

Sitting Comfortably

Learn about sitting, the chairs used in workplaces and your posture, to gain a better understanding of how this affects your health and what you can do to mitigate it.

Your Monitor

In this section users understand why it is important to position your monitor correctly, how to recognise poorly positioned monitors and when to take breaks or changes in activity.

Keyboard and Mouse

Users will learn about the various types of input devices and how they should be used. They will also learn to how to position their devices correctly to minimise ergonomics injuries.

Avoiding Discomfort

In this module users learn simple techniques to avoid discomfort, understand when to change activity to avoid long periods of repetitive movement and understand how good ergonomic design can help you work more comfortably and productively.

Optional Modules

Modules Based on User Profiles

  • Pregnancy
  • Sit / Stand Desks
  • Dual Monitors
  • Smart Phone
  • Plus, variations for remote workers, keyboard trays, tablets and other workstation combinations.

Learning Management System

PACE is our learning management system that offers administrators access to employee training data for the purposes of compliance and delivery of training. Quickly access information on who has completed training and what courses they have completed, as well as risk assessment completion where applicable.

PACE also provides functionality to deliver training to new staff and to remind staff who haven’t yet undertaken the training to complete it. For data protection compliance, it enables organisations to accurately measure staff completion levels.

Learning Management System
Learning Management System

Safety E-Learning

We do more than just DSE e-learning and risk assessment. Our safety e-learning courses cover a wide range of risks, from bribery and corruption through to security awareness and safe driving. For more information, and to find a full list of all our e-learning courses, head to our safety e-learning page.

  • Fire Safety Training
  • Safety for Line Managers
  • Manual Handling Training
  • Manual Handling for the Office
  • Health and Safety Induction
  • Environmental Essentials
  • Effective Risk Assessment
  • DSE Assessor Training
  • Safe Driving

  • Laboratory Ergonomics
  • Safety for Homeworkers
  • Health and Safety Essentials
  • Stress Management
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  • Data Protection Awareness
  • Security Awareness
  • Fraud Prevention Essentials
  • Corporate Travel Safety
  • Personal Safety Awareness

Legislation relating to Healthy Working

In 1992, the UK Government introduced the Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations covering display screen equipment, the activities that are most closely associated with WRULDs. These sets of regulations implemented the EU Directives on Display Screen Equipment.

Similar regulations, the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, were introduced to provide legal standards for work involving the physical movement of loads, which is the most common cause of long term incapacity. Although failure to comply with either set of regulations can result in fines or even imprisonment, in the UK.

In other EU states, similar legislation has been introduced, as all member countries are required to implement the appropriate EU Directives.

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