Enterprise Risk Management Platform | Identify Risk and Take Actions

Risk Management Plus is a purpose-built platform that lets you identify risks and apply controls. Use insight and manage actions to reduce your corporate risk and maximise your business opportunities.

Enterprise Risk Management Made Easy with Risk Management Plus

Enterprise risk management

Risk Management Plus is a logical and smart solution that works alongside your existing processes and procedures. Our software enables you to efficiently manage and report risk within your organisation. This solution is more than just a risk register, it also features risk prevention functionality, an incident reporting tool and statistical reporting developed by IIRSM (International Institute of Risk and Safety Management) for a comprehensive solution to the task of managing corporate risk.

Enterprise risk management
Enterprise risk management

Risk Management Plus

  • Highly configurable enterprise risk management solution that fits in and enhances existing policies and procedures
  • Refined by usability experts to make it as easy to use as possible, vital given how many people may need to use it
  • Know the effect of controls implemented and identify further opportunities to reduce risk and cost
  • Definable roles mean users only see information and controls relevant to their responsibilities
  • Comprehensive reporting provides a clear view of risk items and their control measures

The most flexible enterprise risk management solution available

The flexibility of Risk Management Plus means that you can choose your pathway for risk management; either pre-identify risks to lead your processes (the Risk Lead Approach), or formulate risk management strategies based on incidents affecting your business (the Incident Lead Approach). Whichever pathway you decide, Risk Management Plus has the capability to support you.

Enterprise risk management

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