Fire Marshal | E-Learning Course

This course is aimed at Fire Marshals within offices and other settings, including residential developments and residential homes.

Fire Marshal Training

A fire marshal (often called fire warden) assists with day‑to‑day fire safety management and emergency evacuation procedures. This training provides good management of fire safety to ensure that fires are unlikely to occur, or to contain and control fires.

E-learning enables you to rapidly train fire marshals across multiple locations and deliver customisable and engaging training for your staff.

Why choose Fire Marshal Training:

  • Develop and train fire marshals
  • Prevent fires from occurring and reduce risk
  • Reach staff easily
  • Tailor it to your organisation
Fire Marshal Training
Fire Marshal
Fire Marshal E-Learning | Daily Checks
Fire Marshal E-Learning | Using Fire Fighting Equipment
Fire Marshal E-Learning | Quick Quiz
Fire Marshal E-Learning | Evacuation Strategies
Fire Marshal E-Learning | Emergency Lighting
Fire Marshal E-Learning | Competent Person

Fire Marshal Training Subjects

  • Introduction to Fire Safety
  • Prevention and management
  • Training, planning and drills
  • Fire evacuation strategies
  • Fighting fires
Cardinus Risk Management Health and Safety E-Learning

How Fire Marshal supports your organisation

Fire marshal training helps organisations improve their knowledge in fire safety and provided expert guidance to train individuals in assisting with the prevention and occurrence of fires.

With an introduction to fire safety and with content to support the duties of the Responsible Persons, the course gives everything fire marshals will need to help them in carrying out their role.

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