Grey Fleet Checks

Grey fleet checks are vital to ensure those driving their own vehicle on business are legally able to do so.

Don’t Let Grey Fleet Drivers Catch You Out

Grey Fleet Checks

If you have employees driving their own vehicle for work purposes the responsibility still rests with you to ensure they have the appropriate insurance and that their vehicle is fit for purpose. We can assist with this by carrying out checks to ensure your employees have the appropriate business insurance cover and that their car has a valid MOT certificate and road tax.

Grey Fleet Checks

Peace of mind for grey fleet operators

  • Ensure your grey fleet drivers have the appropriate business insurance cover
  • Make sure employees driving their own vehicles have a valid MOT certificate
  • Check that vehicles have been road taxed
  • Comply with legislation for operating a grey fleet of vehicles
  • Be sure the business is protected in the event of an incident

Remove the burden on your business

If you have a number of employees driving their own vehicles on business the checking process can become burdensome. Checks should be carried out annually to ensure insurance, MOT certificates and road tax are valid and appropriate for business usage. This is often a manual process involving the collation of various bits of paperwork. We have a vast experience carrying out these checks with the man power and process in place to carry out this task as efficiently as possible.

Fleet Risk Audit Tool

Fleet Risk Audit Tool

We provide everything you need to manage your occupational road risk. Our fleet risk management services provide an effective way to reduce your organisation’s occupational road risk.

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