Health and Safety Audits for Properties

Our health and safety audits will help you to keep your exposure to risk at a minimum while also keeping building occupants safe.

Comply With All Relevant Safety Legislation

Asbestos Survey

Our nationwide network of consultants can carry out your property health and safety audits to ensure occupants are safe and that your building complies with all relevant safety legislation. You can use our health and safety audits either as a single service or in combination with other safety checks or property valuation services. All these services are available for any type of building or building usage.

Health & Safety Audit

Trust us with your health and safety audits

  • Comprehensive property health and safety audits anywhere in the UK
  • Ensure compliance with safety legislation
  • Full and detailed health and safety audit report provided in a format to suit your needs
  • Our skilled consultants can audit any type of property, used for any purpose
  • Our consultants are multi-disciplined so you can use us for other audits in a single visit and save money

A straight forward survey process:

Our health and safety property audits follow a simple four step process:

  • Step 1

    Define the initial scope of the assessment project including type(s) of survey

  • Step 2

    Identify the premises which are to be assessed

  • Step 3

    Arrange for a surveyor to visit the premises and carry out one or multiple types of survey

  • Step 4

    Provision of detailed post survey reports including recommendations for risk improvement

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