Health & Safety Essentials | E-Learning Basics Course

An e-learning course designed to meet your minimum health and safety training requirements.

General Safety E-Learning for all Employees

Health & Safety Essentials is an interactive health and safety e-learning course that can be used for induction or ongoing refresher training. This is a simple, easy way to introduce staff to health and safety concepts.

The benefits of Health & Safety Essentials:

  • Quickly roll-out your health and safety programme
  • Easily create awareness of health and safety hazards
  • Improve the health and safety culture within your organisation
  • Manage and identify areas of risk
Safety essentials
Welcome to Health and Safety Essentials
Our Health and Safety Policy
Why Health and Safety Matters
Hazard Symbols
If You Hear the Fire Alarm
Sound and the Ear
Avoiding Injury

We make employee health and safety training easier

  • Customisable health and safety training content to suit your organisation’s needs
  • Internally and externally validated by respected safety experts
  • Dynamic content that changes based on individual training requirements
  • Multi-language according to your needs
Cardinus Risk Management Health and Safety E-Learning

A Simpler Management Process

Health & Safety Essentials makes training a large employee population easy. Dynamic, customisable content can be rolled out to staff in a matter of seconds from PACE, our safety e-learning management system. It can even automatically schedule refresher training for everyone so that employees are asked by automated email to revisit the course at regular intervals.

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