Cardinus Risk Management, a leading provider of property management services to managing agents, announces the integration of its INDIGO software and the Dwellant system through the INDIGO Application Programming Interface (API).

A unified platform for managing property risks 

INDIGO, Cardinus’ flagship property risk management software, enables property managers to digitally manage the risk improvements and reporting for their property portfolio. The integration with Dwellant facilitates a seamless exchange of information, creating a unified platform for managing property-related tasks.

Jamie Truscott, Managing Director Property and Insurance, Cardinus Risk Management, expresses the importance of this development, stating;

“The integration of INDIGO with the Dwellant system is a game-changer for property management. This collaboration streamlines the workflow for property managers, allowing them to handle risk improvements efficiently. It brings a new level of transparency and convenience, enabling access and management of risk improvements in one place—the Dwellant system.”

Key benefits for property managers

The Dwellant property and asset management software provides a centralised platform for efficient property management. Key features include compliance tracking, document management, and effective communication tools, enhancing operational workflows for property professionals.

One of the key benefits of the integration between INDIGO and Dwellant is the ability to share a list of risk improvements between the two systems. Property managers can view the risk improvements in Dwellant and instruct contractors to complete these risk improvements. Once a risk improvement is recorded as completed in Dwellant, an automatic update is sent to INDIGO, providing a real-time status on a property’s risks.

Successful API implementation for Centrick

Centrick, a leading property management company, played a crucial role as the first adopter of the API. Phil Johns, Centrick Managing Director commented;

“At Centrick we are continuously exploring ways to improve the integration and utilisation of our prop tech to enhance the service to our customers and provide more powerful tools to assist our property team. The work Cardinus have implemented with Dwellant is a great example of this and we were delighted to be part of the process that brought this to fruition.”

The successful implementation with Centrick has paved the way for the roll-out of this integrated service to other customers. Cardinus is actively collaborating with other systems to extend this connectivity, ensuring a broader range of managing agents can benefit from the INDIGO API.

Future roll-out of INDIGO API

Cardinus is dedicated to expanding the use of the INDIGO API to more third-party systems throughout 2024. Property management professionals using alternative systems who wish to integrate the INDIGO API, should email [email protected].

Media enquiries

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