Cardinus increases its footprint in the industrial ergonomics space becoming exclusive partners and distributors of Longitude6 technology and innovative Delta Method.

Following the launch of their industrial ergonomics software Healthy Working Pro, Cardinus are excited to announce that they are the exclusive UK distributor of Longitude6’s smart technology and innovative Delta Method for industrial ergonomics.

Longitude6 provide a suite of technologies that objectively measure and map physical stress on the body, giving rapid diagnostics. These solutions encompass sensor and 3D motion capture data and risk analysis.

The Delta Method is a human-centred approach to workplace safety and injury prevention that puts the actions of your employees at the centre of the solution, not just the environment. Longitude6’s Delta Method works with camera and sensor technology to improve productivity and employee performance by reducing workplace injuries and associated costs.

Together with Cardinus’ new Healthy Working Pro industrial ergonomics risk assessment software, the partnership will be providing enterprise-wide ergonomic solutions to customers in 2021.

Of the exclusive partnership, Jon Abbot, Global Client and Ergonomics Director stated, “Together, Cardinus and Longitude 6 can help UK organisations to protect their employees, improve workplace safety and reduce injury through precise ergonomics data and an innovative technology and software approach.

The partnership enables Cardinus to extend our footprint as global leaders in office and home ergonomics to the industrial ergonomics space.”

Mark Heaysman, CEO founder of Longitude6, stated, “Having Cardinus Risk Management as our exclusive distributor in the UK is something we are excited and proud to announce.

Not only providing Longitude6 an expanded sales and distribution capability in the UK, but also advancing what we can offer our clients in office and home ergonomics in the UK, USA and Australia.”

Check out the Delta Method here.

Check out L6 Technologies here.

For more information on how Longitude6 and Cardinus products can support your business, contact Cardinus.

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