This vehicle cleaning checklist gives employers and easy way to ensure that employees can follow a procedure for cleaning their vehicles to stop the spread of infection.

COVID-19 has ensured that many of our normal practices and daily habits will have to be adapted, changed and amended to mitigate the risk of infection and prevent the spread of the disease.

One important aspect of that is the vehicles that we drive, either personal vehicles that are used for business, or shared vehicles that may have multiple drivers or passengers.

This checklist has been built for employers to help support employees in maintaining in-vehicle hygiene to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. It provides all the important elements of vehicle cleaning in a simple checklist so that employees are better able to know what and how to clean.

This can be used as part of the Prevent approach to return to work, as outlined in our Prepare, Inform, Prevent, Recover strategy for returning to work.

What's In the Vehicle Cleaning Checklist?

The checklist covers the following items:

  • What Do I Need?
    • Cleaning/Disinfecting solution/Wipes
    • 1% bleach solution or soap and water
    • Household detergent followed by disinfection
    • SDS for cleaning products
    • Follow manufacturer's instructions
    • Ensure the product is suitable for the surfaces you are cleaning
    • Method of recording cleaning
  • When Do I Need to Clean?
    • General cleaning at the end of the working day
    • Prior (same day) as the training
  • What Do I Need to Clean?
    • Frequently touched surfaces
    • Steering wheel
    • Door handles (inside and out; driver and passenger)
    • Dashboard
    • Gear stick
    • Hand brake
    • Radio/display
    • Any other surface that is plastic or metal
    • Remove all rubbish
  • Safely Cleaning
    • Read product label and SDS
    • Follow instructions
    • Wear gloves cleaning
    • Wash hands before and after
    • Use disposable gloves where possible
    • Reusable gloves for general cleaning
    • Do not share gloves
  • After Cleaning
    • Disposal
    • Single-use PPE, disposable cloths and covers
    • Double bag, i.e. place the above materials in a rubbish bag, and put this rubbish bag inside another one and dispose in general waste

It also includes editable fields to add personal information so that your employees can sign digitally sign it off each time to ensure compliance.

Download the checklist here. If you require further support with your return to work process then get in touch here.



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