At the end of March this year, the BBC and others reported on the results of a survey conducted by the Get Britain Standing campaign and the British Heart Foundation (BHF) charity.

Their survey of 2,000 office workers suggested:

  • Five per cent of women and 37 per cent of men spend less than 30 minutes a day on their feet at work.
  • More than half regularly eat their lunch at their desk.
    78 per cent of office workers felt they spent too much time sitting down.
  • Nearly two-thirds were worried that sitting at work was having a negative impact on their health.
  • Whilst this is breaking news for some, we know that this problem has been around for a while, and will exist for some time to come. The fact that nearly two-thirds of workers are worried about the amount of sitting they do is quite encouraging. They shouldn’t take much persuading to get off their backsides. Yet the challenge of how we get people moving and being responsible for their well-being is not easy.

One approach is staff training. We’re not advocating death by Powerpoint, but an informative, fun, punchy session highlighting to staff what the risks are and what they can do about them.

Cardinus has developed a highly successful ergonomic workshop that helps staff understand the risks, provides them will helpful tips on how they can get moving and have a better posture. Our H&S consultants will get you on your feet in no time so get in touch to find out more.

Cardinus provides a complete range of ergonomics solutions to suit your organisation,  Simply call 020 7469 0200 or email [email protected].

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