Driver training from Cardinus is always tailored to the specific needs of the client and the driver but sometimes in the course of our work we come across people who have quite unusual needs.

One of our driving trainers recently conducted driver training with an employee who hadn’t driven a car for many years. The driver had taken one or two driving lessons to refresh her skills and hoped that this would be enough. When her employer put her forward for driver training we discovered her needs went way beyond a couple of ‘refresher’ lessons.

These comments are taken from the actual driver training report.

“The client was convinced that the course was a test, even after I had assured her that the questions were simply the way we assess a candidate’s knowledge. The client has told me that she passed her test more than 30 years ago and has only recently started to drive again after a very long break.

“When stopping the vehicle, the client depressed the clutch very early and forced the car into first gear while the speed was still too high, causing engine drag, sudden slowing and concern among drivers of following vehicles. At other times the client selected neutral and allowed the vehicle to coast, meaning it was not properly controlled.

“I was not able to complete the required course as other problems came to light. I don’t feel that this client’s driving is safe enough or meets the required standard for driving and being in full control of a motor vehicle.

“I have suggested that the client has a week of intensive lessons to bring her up to a higher standard and to cope better with the level of driving that is displayed on our roads. After she has gained more knowledge of our roads she will be in a better position to attend a driver awareness course.”

The report was longer and more detailed but this gives you a good idea of the observations and information that can come from Cardinus driver training.

Cardinus doesn’t just tackle those difficult ‘special’ cases. Our driver training services will help any company improve the performance of all of its business drivers, reducing the cost of collisions and potentially bringing down insurance premiums.

Cardinus Risk Management offers a wide range of products and services, from online risk assessment and e-learning, in-vehicle practical training through to providing fully outsourced occupational road risk management services.

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