In a perfect world we would be able to divide all employees into separate groups and devise health and safety protection that fits their roles perfectly. The production operators would never need display screen equipment training, the warehouse staff would never need driver training and the desk-based employees would never require any manual handling advice.

But the reality is that many of the production team use computer monitors and keyboards, stock handlers might have to drive a company van on business and office staff are often required to lift and carry things. We can define parameters but one day a data clerk might have to move a box.

The need to consider manual handling training for office-based employees hit the headlines recently. A member of the marketing department at a bank took her employer to court, claiming that her chronic back pain had been caused by having to move boxes of leaflets and promotional material from her desk to a cupboard. The bank described any lifting she did as “normal office activities”.

Whatever the outcome of this case, employers need to consider training staff for all the activities that might be required of their role. Cardinus Risk Management believes that the manual handling training required for employees in a store room or on a construction site can be different to that provided to office-based staff.

That is why Cardinus offers its Manual Handling for the Office e-learning course. Manual Handling for the Office provides you with a comprehensive e-learning solution to the challenges posed by poor handling in an office environment. This exciting course is used by many hundreds of organisations and promises a cost-effective way of delivering manual handling training that is effective and proven.

To arrange an online demo email [email protected] or complete the online contact form.

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