• Ageas partners with Cardinus to supply Commercial insurance risk surveys.
  • Ageas’s brokers and policyholders to benefit from new innovative insurance risk survey management software from Cardinus.

Ageas has engaged Cardinus to provide both its Indigo software and on-site survey services to support the award-winning general insurer’s survey requirements.

Risk surveys form an important part of Commercial lines underwriting, allowing the insurer and broker an in-depth view of the client’s risks, which can only really be achieved by a visit to their business and a detailed report by a competent surveyor. Once complete, risk surveys guide insurers, brokers and policyholders on actions to be taken for risk improvement for the benefit of the client.

Cardinus offers an innovative new insurance risk survey management software called Indigo.  It brings insurers, brokers, surveyors and policyholders together on a single platform, keeping all parties informed of progress, providing guidance, and prompting clients via email when action is required. Brokers will be able to view their clients’ progress in real time at any point during the process and, if required, support them by providing updates, empowering them to provide updates on progress at a time that suits them. All parties using the platform will experience an innovative streamlined process.

Cathy Taylor, Head of Commercial Underwriting and Operations at Ageas, said: “We are always looking at new progressive ways to improve our internal processes, our claims experience and our relationships with our clients. We expect Cardinus’s new ‘Indigo’ interactive risk survey platform will meet our customer needs and give our brokers and policyholders a high service standard by offering the best possible experience for everyone.”

Jamie Truscott, Chairman of Cardinus Risk Management, said: “Our risk reporting technology is state of the art. Indigo gives everyone a clear view of what is required of them as a survey progresses, reminds people when action is due and gives insurers complete visibility of all their surveys on a single platform. We’re delighted Ageas saw these benefits and we’re looking forward to working with them.”

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