I’m delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the prestigious British Insurance Awards, the leading awards show in the insurance industry.

After 8 years of software and on-site innovation in the wider UK risk management market, we turned to the Insurance market, where we thought our approach could add real value.

We’ve brought in a wider range of reports, scheduling, risk improvement and reporting software, flexible support and in-fill work. This has helped us to get closer to our customers and provide value for Insurers and their clients.

Senior management within Cardinus are all from the Insurance market, so we ‘get it’! We understand Insurers’ needs, allowing us to become outsourced partners to some of the biggest names in the UK market.

The result of this work has shown significant growth in the last 12 months and I’m proud that what we do has led to us being shortlisted for Outsourced Partner of the Year at the British Insurance Awards.

A completely different approach

4 years after the launch of our Insurance proposition we have changed the Insurance survey market with our completely different approach.

Our approach focuses on a UK-wide multi-skilled surveyor set for insurance-related activities:

  • A wider range of reports than previously considered, including insurance valuation work, fire risk assessments, health and safety assessments, fleet audits and more
  • A consistent reporting format that’s individualised for each client
  • Our interactive INDIGO scheduling and reporting system; used by thousands in the UK
  • Flexible ways of working; providing scheduling and back-office support for Insurers’ in-house teams
  • Carrying out in-fill work where Insurers or brokers teams haven’t the coverage or expertise
  • Interactive automated emails include risk improvement alerts which provide a total audit trail, proving the highest risk improvement settlement figure in the market
  • An absolute commitment to providing a value-adding service to Insurers and their clients

Where are we now?

Among our UK Insurance clients, we are proud to include AVIVA, Ageas, Zurich, AJ Gallagher and NFUM, and many more Insurers and brokers.

In just Insurance Valuations alone, over the last three years, we’ve completed over 9,000 assessments, resulting in the elimination of around £8.4bn of underinsurance!

Furthermore, across our whole service, we now provide over 10,000 surveys a year, from insurance risk surveys and fleet risk audits, to fire and health assessments and reinstatement cost assessments.

These significant figures are the result of the exceptional talent and determination of the Cardinus team and the foresight of our customers to use a technology-based and highly technical insurance service partner with staff that understand the business.

This has led to over 2,000 insurance and fleet surveys being completed within the last 12 months and the audited completion of 88% of over 7,000 identified risk improvements.

Our work has enabled customers to better manage their risk and improve their client retention as Cathy Taylor, of Ageas, explains:

“Cardinus’ commercial awareness of our customer focus, together with their innovative approach have combined to provide us with a method of improved customer retention. Their new risk control systems engage all parties cohesively, both internal Ageas and external Ageas customers.”

Tim Stevens, Risk Manager, AVIVA also comments:

“Cardinus has supported AVIVA with the provision of overflow surveys. Reporting and on-site activity has been to a high standard throughout and we look forward to continuing with this arrangement. Cardinus holds Specialist Partner status. The quality technical content and competitive pricing provide our customers with great value.”

I want to thank my incredible team for achieving these brilliant results and showing the whole of the insurance industry that Cardinus Risk Management are the go-to providers for risk surveys in the industry.

Looking for a fantastic outsourced partner for your insurance risk surveys? Get in touch here.

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