• Cardinus e-learning delivers cutting edge training experience
  • Combines risk assessment with training to tailor the user experience to need

An all-new version of the popular road safety e-learning programme Safe Driving Plus has been launched by Cardinus Risk Management.

The redesigned software features many exciting innovations, including a built-in risk assessment that tailors the individual user’s experience to their driver training needs. The training is focused on incident avoidance.

The modern workplace is changing at an astonishing speed with more employees working remotely. As a result the number of people who drive for a living is increasing. The challenge for Cardinus is to identify the motivators that really change behaviours.

This new version of Safe Driving Plus addresses the realistic challenges faced by our drivers and our field trials are showing some astonishing results in terms of near-miss collision reduction.

Several multimedia features have been built into Safe Driving Plus, including interactive video and animations. There are also links to resources that provide more detailed information on all aspects of road safety if the user needs it. Sections on tyre safety and vehicle technology are particularly useful and fleet operators can download information sheets to support their own road safety campaigns.

Safe Driving Plus has been rebuilt from the ground up. It incorporates the latest thinking and best practice in both road safety and e-learning. The course features powerful examples of real road situations from around the country, providing information and advice on how to deal with them safely.

Cardinus has drawn on its huge collection of images, videos and animated reconstructions to give its customers the best possible safe driving experience from their screens. The company has also put a lot of work into making the e-learning experience enjoyable. At 20 minutes it will fit into everybody’s working day without major disruption and the course process proceeds in an engaging way that is conducive to learning and information retention.

To try Safe Driving Plus for yourself, simply email [email protected] to request a link to view the full programme.

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