We’re back with the latest edition of our popular risk magazine, Cardinus Connect. And in this issue, we come back to a familiar topic, and one we’re passionate about: rising problems with health in young people caused by our reliance on modern tech devices.

In Pokémon K.O., written by Jon Abbott, he delves into the universe of Pokémon GO and exposes the underlying health risks that too much game playing can cause. In particular, Jon looks at the recurring issue of back and neck pain caused by poor posture, pain in the hands and fingers caused by the button bashing in the heat of battle, as well as some of the more known health risks that have been reported across the world in newspapers and blogs.

We’ve got lots more too, including two separate articles on home working, or telecommuting. One from the the perspective of instilling good ergonomic habits in these workers, the other providing a near-complete guide on everything a home worker needs to set up their workstations correctly, including carpet selection, types of lighting and furniture.

Jeremy Truscott provides his thoughts on on emergency preparedness plans for properties, giving you a 5 point article on all the things needed to put it together, distribute it and put it into action. If you’re looking for a place to start thinking about your plan, then this is the start you need.

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A full list of articles from our Autumn/Winter 2016 edition:

  • Pokémon K.O.
  • Changing Habits, Growing Cultures
  • Forming Good Ergonomic Habits for the Mobile Worker
  • ISO 45001
  • Managing Safety for Telecommuters
  • Treat Health Like it’s Safety
  • Oh My Aching Head
  • Information Security Management
  • Vision Coverage: An Effective Tool for Wellness
  • Growing Green Places
  • Too High? Too Low? Just Right! Vision Needs, Monitor Height and Neck Pain
  • The Implications of not Frequently Checking Driving Licences
  • Is Your Child at Risk?
  • Bitten by Bites
  • Emergency! Five Things a Commercial Property Manager NEEDS to Consider


Contributors include:

  • Jon Abbott
  • John Davidge
  • Romina Ghassemi
  • Jamie Truscott
  • Wayne Maynard
  • Sarah Tapley
  • Ed Milnes
  • Andy Taylor
  • Jennifer Law
  • Donna DeFalco
  • Suzanne Starkey
  • Robin Cyr
  • Andy Hawkes
  • Mark Preston
  • Malcolm Maycock

You can download your free copy of Cardinus Connect here, or request a free print version by emailing [email protected].

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