Many businesses are still mopping up after the recent onslaught of winter storms. And there is always the risk of more to come. By following this simple advice we think most businesses can avoid trouble, stress and thousands of pounds’ worth of damaged stock and equipment.

Be vigilant

  1. Find out if your business is at risk of flooding and, if it is, constantly monitor flood warnings.
  2. Draw up a plan that will protect your property and reduce financial risks.
  3. Make sure your staff are safe.

The interruption to your business can cost you more than the actual cost of flood damage. These simple tips from Cardinus Risk Management will help you to deal with the effects of flooding and still function as a business, or get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. We’ve divided the advice into three categories: free tips, things that you can do for nothing; cheap tips, low cost measures to keep you protected; more costly tips, requiring more commitment but delivering bigger savings in the event of a flood.

Free tips

  • Research and understand the flood warning status in your region and introduce a system for receiving alerts as early as possible.
  • Draw up a ‘flood plan’ and ensure it is safely stored (including off-site) and that key staff have access to and understand it.
  • Train all staff to prepare for flooding and know what to do when a threat is imminent.
  • Prepare to move equipment to a location above the predicted flood level.
  • Establish a stock of strong plastic bags to use around the legs of furniture in the event of a flood warning.
  • Move threatened vehicles to higher ground.
  • Fix, store or display goods at an appropriate height, bearing in mind the potential flood level.
  • Copy vital files and electronic records and store them in a safe place.

Low cost tips

  • Fit back-flow valves to toilets and drains.
  • Raise electrical sockets above predicted highest water level.
  • Place electrical machinery on platform above predicted flood level.
  • Stock sturdy plastic sheeting. In the event of a flood warning, place furniture on top of the sheeting and raise the sheeting around it.
  • Locate computer servers away from the basement or ground floor.
  • Secure any equipment that could fall or move during flooding.
  • Place stock on pallets or shelving that will raise it off the floor or make it easy to move when threatened by floods.

Higher cost tips

  • Move heating and air-conditioning equipment into higher parts of the building.
  • Consider the design of machinery when purchasing. Choose those with motors, gear boxes and programmable electric controls at the top.
  • Install an emergency power generator.
  • Research and invest in other available flood protection products specific to your industry or location.

Cardinus Risk Management provides advice and help in all areas of business risk. Effective management of health and safety, ergonomics, occupational road risk, fire and property and environmental risks, can save your business thousands of pounds in unnecessary costs.  Cardinus products and services can also help your organisation meet all kinds of business legislation and protect you against prosecution.

For a free consultation and more information, contact Cardinus now by calling 0207 469 0200 or email [email protected].

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