Lone Worker| E-Learning Course

This e-learning course helps you reach lone workers with specific safety training for the risks that they face.

Lone Worker E-Learning for Your Employees

Lone Worker provides e-learning training for the specific environments and scenarios that lone workers find themselves in, and gives practical advice, solutions and strategies to reduce and minimise risk when working alone.

How the Lone Worker course will help:

  • Supports specific lone worker scenarios
  • Reaches remote and isolated workers
  • Communicates core safety policy and procedures
  • Provides support for the protection of vulnerable workers
Defining Lone Working
Scenario Quiz
Likelihood and Severity
Defining Violence at Work
People Assessment
Positional Tactics
Lone Worker E-Learning

Support Your Lone Workers

  • Content written by lone worker experts
  • Easy roll-out through with our automated system
  • Manage all your e-learning with our powerful LMS
  • Customisable lone worker training that can be targeted at specific job types

Our e-learning security training courses also cover corporate travel risk for those who are required to travel at home or abroad and personal safety training to be aware of the risks and protective measures they can take in various surroundings and work environments

Cardinus Risk Management Health and Safety E-Learning

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  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management
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