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Mental health affects us all. This mental health awareness course helps employees understand the issues around mental health and equips them with coping tools.

Support Employee Mental Wellbeing and Give Them the Tools to Help

Mental Health Awareness is designed to help employees discover ways to support mental wellbeing and to help others who may be struggling. Covering a variety of topics, from stress to depression, culture and crisis, this course helps staff to understand mental health, wellbeing, risk factors, triggers and tools to cope.

The benefits of mental health awareness:

  • Give employees the tools to improve wellbeing
  • Cost-effective training method
  • Build mental health awareness across an organisation
  • Roll out quickly to the entire organisation
Woman showing good mental health after completing mental health awareness course
Introduction to Mental Health Awareness Course
Everyone in your company has mental health. Creating a culture to improve mental wellbeing can have incredible outcomes.
Statistiscs on anxiety disorders - It is estimated that 8.2 million people within Britain have an anxiety disorder.
Mental health affects us all - good mental health and poor mental health
often, mental health issues are caused by excessive cycles of worry that we have little control over.
Anxiety disorders largely share the same symptoms with high stress. An individual doesn't have to be experiencing all of the symptoms below to have a problem with anxiety.
UK crisis statistics - suicide = 125 deaths per week

Mental Health Awareness Modules

  • What is mental health?
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mental fitness
  • Culture
  • Alcohol and mental health
  • Gambling and mental health
  • Crisis
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How mental health awareness supports your organisation

Mental health affects us all. In reality, just like physical health, everyone has mental health. And, just like physical health, we can all experience good and poor mental health.

Building the knowledge of mental health within an organisation will help you to create a stronger, more supportive culture that is more resilient, better equipped to deal with the stresses of work and the wider world, and more productive.

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