Personal Wellbeing | E-Learning Course

Personal Wellbeing gives individuals the tools to have healthier, happier lives, and covers stress management, movement, nutrition, the working environment and more.

Give Your Employees the Tools to Improve Their Wellbeing

Personal Wellbeing offers employees beneficial information to support them in creating and maintaining optimal wellbeing through self-care practise, stress management techniques and recommendations tailored to your work environment. With profiling options for home workers, office workers and flexible workers.

The benefits of Personal Wellbeing:

  • Give employees the tools to improve wellbeing
  • Low-cost training
  • Support wellbeing across your entire workforce
  • Home, office and flexible work content
  • Rapid roll-out to your organisation

Personal Wellbeing Modules

  • Why wellbeing is important
  • Mindfulness
  • Nutrition and movement
  • Stress management
  • Sleep
  • Environment
  • Community and core values
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How personal wellbeing supports your organisation

Being healthier, having positive relationships, and having a good work/life balance all contribute to optimal wellbeing.

Having the tools to create and maintain optimal wellbeing, through activities like self-care practise, stress management and nutritional changes, can work towards employees being more productive, more resilient and more focused.

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