Safety for Line Managers | E-Learning Training Course

Improve your organisation’s safety culture by ensuring line managers know their responsibilities for safety

Improve Your Organisation’s Safety Culture

To ensure a good safety culture it is important that key personnel are on-board. Give line managers the information they need to improve your organisation’s safety culture with our effective course.

The benefits of Safety for Line Managers:

  • Targets managers responsible for team and departmental safety
  • Impacts the wider organisational safety culture
  • Builds up health and safety knowledge for management
  • Ensures higher levels of overall compliance
Cardinus | Safety for Line Managers
Welcome to Safety for Line Managers
Why Health and Safety Matters
Safety Training Matters
Safety for Line Managers Quick Quiz
Bomb Threats and Other Emergencies
What do I need to do?
Hazard Warning Symbols
Safety for Line Managers Quick Quiz
Safety in the Workplace
How to assess risks in the workplace

Customisable content to ensure line managers get the training they need

  • Provide line managers with the safety training they need to carry out their roles effectively
  • Encourage a good safety culture by ensuring those who lead teams are promoting good practice
  • Easily carry out refresher training to make sure health and safety is always on the agenda
  • Automated email roll out, monitored training progress and comprehensive reporting on training success
  • Multi-course functionality so you can have all courses in one place
Cardinus Risk Management Health and Safety E-Learning

Courses relevant to your business

For maximum impact it vital that course content is relevant to your business. All of our courses are customisable so that anything requiring further organisation-specific information can be included alongside the standard regulatory health and safety advice.

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