Speed Awareness Training for Fleet Drivers

A half-day practical speed awareness training course to help your drivers be more aware of their driving speed and become safer on the roads. Delivered by expert instructors.

Reduce the Likelihood of Incidents

Speed Awareness Training

This interactive practical driver training, which can be carried out anywhere in the country by one of our experienced driver trainers, will help your employees who drive on business become better, safer drivers. Not only will your drivers be safer but they will also be less likely to speed in the future, thus reducing the risk of fines and punishment for speeding offences.

Speed Awareness Training

So many reasons to give your drivers speed awareness training

  • Reduce the risk of incidents involving your drivers
  • Make drivers more speed aware and avoid fines, prosecution and points on driver licences
  • Make sure employees understand the consequences of speeding on the road
  • Avoid the reputational damage for your organisation involved with incidents of speeding

The most effective way to reduce speeding convictions

Speed awareness training is the single most effective way to reduce speeding convictions and driver-related incidents. Our courses are carried out by expert trainers and can take place in any UK location and using the vehicle the individual drives for business. Training concentrates on helping individuals develop the visual and mental strategies required to improve risk perception and decision making.

Fleet Risk Audit Tool

Fleet Risk Audit Tool

We provide everything you need to manage your occupational road risk. Our fleet risk management services provide an effective way to reduce your organisation’s occupational road risk.

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