UK Familiarisation Driver Training

Practical training to help drivers from overseas become familiar with UK roads, laws and driving techniques, reducing the risk of an incident.

Training for Drivers Inexperienced on UK Roads

UK familiarisation driver training addresses the risks associated with driving on business in the UK.  It specifically addresses the differences in driving techniques and rules in the UK.

The benefits of UK familiarisation training:

  • Reduce the risk of an incident
  • Lower incident, vehicle and insurance costs for non-UK drivers
  • Improve safety on UK roads
  • Build knowledge and improve driver confidence
Cardinus | UK Familiarisation Training
UK Familiarisation Driver Training

Why choose our UK familiarisation driver training

  • Practical training carried out in the vehicle and on the roads the driver will be using
  • Nationwide coverage via our network of experienced driver trainers
  • Ensure the participant understands the validity and duration of their licence whilst in the UK
  • Improve driver knowledge of the Highway Code, UK driving customs and habits
  • Address areas of driving skill of concern to both the trainer and to the participant

Everything your driving employees will need

UK familiarisation driver training is a practical course covering all the elements an employee driving for business on UK roads will need. Whilst driving the vehicle they’ll be using for work, we’ll address a variety of traffic conditions, different road types and deal with areas most commonly leading to accidents. Your driver trainer will improve defensive driver skills, manoeuvring and economic driving techniques.

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