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Organizations and their employees face a myriad of risks from external threats. Many of our customers need help bringing their security programs together, spotting gaps and identifying opportunities for improved performance.

We support you to develop security capabilities through improving systems and processes, building up team and individual knowledge, and developing strategies to reduce organizational risk.

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Your organization faces many external threats from hostile adversaries, such as corporate or state-sponsored criminals, terrorists, or opportunists. These can manifest in orchestrated attacks when staff are traveling, working off-site or in lone working situations, when driving for work, or even in relation to COVID-19.

Your approach needs to bring together your whole security risk with a people-centered program that builds confidence, knowledge, and risk management skills, so that your teams, processes and policies focus on delivering the right outcomes.

Holistic Approach to Employee and Organisation Protection

Hostiles gather information on employees and assets to understand security risk, the likelihood of success, and to identify how security vulnerabilities can be acted on.

We will help you to understand your risk profile, develop policies and procedures that mitigate risk, and support employees to develop the knowledge and skills to stay safe.

We work with each customer with a consultative-approach, understanding their risk and their particular needs. We then support that through analysis, auditing, the development of risk policies, and of course, training employees in travel safety and behavioral techniques.

Global support to improve security outcomes.


Security Consultancy

Improve Safety and Meet Duty of Care Obligation | Consultancy

Develop and implement better risk policies and procedures, enhance staff safety and ensure compliance with duty of care obligations.

Security Auditing

Get a Clear Picture of Your Risk Profile | Auditing

Our thorough audits provide organisations with a clear picture of their organisational and employee risk, and the steps to mitigate risk.

Security Training

Ensure Staff are Trained and Prepared | Training

Virtual and on-site training across the globe in travel safety, behavioural safety, conflict management and hostile environments.

Build strong organizational capabilities in security, develop and give your staff the knowledge and skills to reduce threats, and create a holistic security program that brings in new policies and touches on every part of your business.

Speak to Cardinus today to see how we can improve security risk outcomes.

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