Fire Safety Training

To ensure your employees stay safe from fires, prevention is key. Enrolling your employees on our fire safety e-learning course will teach your staff general fire safety information, including fire prevention and their fire safety roles and responsibilities in the workplace.

Quick and Easy Fire Safety Online Training – For Your Whole Team

In the event of a fire it is vital that your employees know what to do. This fire Safety course has been developed to ensure everyone knows what their responsibilities are if the worst should happen. In just a few clicks your employees will receive the appropriate fire safety training via email, with centralized training records to prove it.

The benefits of our fire safety course:

  • Build a safe workplace with a strong fire safety culture
  • Teach employees responsibilities and other important information
  • Learners can train at any time, from anywhere
  • Tailored to meet organization needs and requirements
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Fire Safety Quiz
Fire Risk Assessment
Fire Assessment
Fire Safety Quiz
Fire Safety - True or False
Fire Safety - Fighting Different Types of Fire
Fire Safety Test
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Our fire safety course features:

  • Available in all languages
  • Ensure all employees receive appropriate fire safety training
  • Customize content to include information such as exit points and assembly point details
  • Automated email roll-out ensures rapid delivery

Our engaging and interactive courses are accessible in a learning portal which means training can be easily monitored and managed – track employee training completion to ensure your workplace is fully compliant.

Online Fire Safety Training | Cardinus

Why should you choose Cardinus?

Our fire safety e-learning course has been written by BAFE SP205 Gold certified experts to ensure your employees receive the best, high-quality fire safety knowledge. Over the last two decades, we have worked with hundreds of clients from all over the world who have used our services repeatedly, due to our exceptional customer service and level of expertise.

Our content is carefully examined to ensure it engages with employees and provides them with an in-depth understanding of everything they need to know about fire safety. It is important that employees remember what they learn so the information learnt can be applied to the workplace – so we make every e-learning course fun and memorable.

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