Global Ergonomics Services

We provide a range of Ergonomics services for more than 2000 global clients each year.









Ergonomics Risk Management Services

We provide a range of services to help our customers minimize their ergonomics risk and maintain a healthy workforce.

Expert Consultancy

Our name has been synonymous with ergonomics training and managing risk for over 20 years — and this is reflected in the expertise of our team.

Our network of certified consultants can advise organizations on all procedures, equipment and workplace environment changes related to ergonomic risks.

Manage Ergonomics Assessments in One Place

All ergonomics assessments are recorded in PACE, our online management tool. PACE’s workflow creates consistency and quality control measures for accurate and up-to-date reports.

Reduce Employee Liability Claims

Deliver an effective ergonomics program, which addresses the mitigating factors that contribute to workplace injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, low morale and worker employer liability claims — reduce personnel and financial risks with a single solution.

Ergonomics Assessments

We have a network of highly qualified consultants in 191 countries across the globe, delivering virtual, onsite and telephone ergonomics assessments. Our consultants speak the native language, understand the local regulations and are aware of cultural sensitivities.

Following a virtual, telephone or onsite assessment, the consultant will provide two reports that detail observations, comments, training information, photographs and recommendations.

The reports will help you make the right interventions to increase the safety and wellbeing of your employees. This may include purchasing new equipment or behaviour-based changes. You can choose to accept or reject the recommendations before the information is shared with the employee, and we can deliver the same outcomes, whatever your budget.

Ergonomics Consultancy

You know your business better than anyone, but if you’re unsure about the potential risk factors of your industry and worksites, our ergonomics consultancy services will fill in the blanks for you.

Whether you’re seeking solutions to niche issues in your established policies or need some support in developing employee wellbeing and ergonomics strategies from scratch, our expert advisors are here to help.

With guidance from Cardinus, you’ll be able to start implementing business-wide positive changes immediately, giving your employees the support they need to deliver their best work.

Ergonomics Managed Services

Though essential, ergonomics programs consume a lot of resources, and with more employees than ever operating beyond the confines of the traditional office space, managing these programs is becoming ever more costly and time-consuming.

Our fully managed, customizable ergonomics program shoulders this burden for you, increasing compliance rates, improving employee health and productivity, and significantly reducing administration — allowing you to focus your energy on business performance and growth.

With over 20 years of experience providing ergonomics training and services, you can rest assured that your business and workforce are in safe hands when you outsource all, or even only a part of your ergonomics program from Cardinus.

Regulatory Service and Gap Analysis

Many countries around the world are updating or reviewing their regulations relating to tele, hybrid and homeworking. We can help you to understand the legal complexities of your global or regional ergonomics program and answer regulatory questions for countries you operate in.

Our real-time ergonomics regulation reports and gap analysis provide a detailed overview of the ergonomics legislation for a regulated country, which includes employer and employee responsibilities regarding home, office and hybrid working.

A self-help or Cardinus-managed review of the processes you have in place to meet current regulations. Understand the next steps you should take to become or remain compliant.


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