Lab Ergonomics

Our Lab Ergonomics eLearning course equips lab workers with essential skills to mitigate and control ergonomic risks in a laboratory setting.









Laboratory Ergonomics eLearning

Comprehensive eLearning modules to boost ergonomic risk awareness and management skills among laboratory employees.

Bespoke eLearning

CPD accredited eLearning that can be tailored to individual laboratory workstations.

Self Assessments

Custom ergonomics self assessments to reduce risks for individual lab technicians.

Interactive Training

Immersive elements to enhance learning and effectively reduce the risks associated with lab environments.

Lab Ergonomics

Our CPD accredited Laboratory Ergonomics eLearning program is designed to address and mitigate ergonomic risk factors prevalent in laboratory environments, keeping lab technicians safe and reducing organization liabilities.

Supported by our award-winning ergonomics software, Healthy Working, this program provides employees with custom self-assessments to reduce risks on a per-person basis, ensuring all lab workers are made aware of ergonomic risk factors in the environment and can navigate their workstations safely.

Healthy Working

Healthy Working is our award-winning ergonomics risk management software trusted by over 2,000 organizations to ensure compliance and promote a thriving workforce.

Developed in partnership with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), this software caters to various workplace scenarios, including office-based, hybrid, and remote setups, guaranteeing essential support for all employees.

Healthy Working comes equipped with personalized risk assessments and a suite of flexible eLearning programs that can be adjusted to meet the specialist training requirements of individual workers.

Through Helathy Working, supervisors can track learner progress, assign tasks, automate course reminder alerts, and analyze data captured by assessments, simplifying the journey to a healthier, more productive workplace.

Global Ergonomics

With a library of variable language eLearning programs, virtual assessments, software support and a global network of experienced consultants, our ergonomic solutions can be implemented around the world, supporting multinational organizations in attaining complete compliance.

Our global ergonomics resources are highly adaptable, capable of identifying and mitigating risk factors particular to your business and workforce, even across borders. Everything from individual workstations to client culture is taken into account — leading to swift and meaningful interventions.


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